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Know what makes you different so you can become the go-to person for the work you love doing.

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“That’s an oversaturated market.”

—The last time you’ll ever have to hear that oversaturated phrase again.

I was tired of hearing it. But then I realized I was my own market.

Time to see that you’re your own market, too.

It’s not about being better, it’s about being you.

Believe it or not, you find more success when you’re just being you—real, honest, and authentic.

It’s not about desperately trying to figure out what makes your offer different; it’s about looking at everything you already are as a person and owning that.

When you put that person out into the world, you automatically set yourself apart. Because people connect to real people, not business.

(In fact, 92% of people trust the opinion of someone they know, like and trust over other advertising.)

Is a personal brand for you?

Whether you’re starting your own business, growing your existing business, or are looking to score your dream job, defining your personal brand is for you if…

• You genuinely don’t know what makes you “more special than the other guy” selling the same thing you sell, and you don’t know how to ask for help to find that out

• You’re intimidated by the question “So what do you do?” and you find yourself talking in circles trying to explain yourself

• You want to establish yourself as a go-to person in your industry but don’t know where to start

• You feel like you don’t have any control over the kind of people you’re working with—you’re bending over backwards to meet your clients’ needs for little return and a lot of burnout

• You feel blocked every time you sit down to create content

• Your business isn’t as satisfying or financially rewarding as you thought it would be

These are all hard truths to admit to, so if any of these are secrets you keep but are too afraid to share with anyone, know that’s okay. I’m in your corner, and I’ll help you navigate through them as we define your personal brand.

Defining your personal branding will help you…

• Know & confidently communicate what makes you different from others selling the same thing as you

• Reach a more dedicated audience so you can make a bigger impact in your work

• Gain trust with potential clients faster

• Get brutally honest with yourself—fearlessly—to make more empowered & empowering business decisions

• Repel the people you don’t want to work with so you can bring in the people you do want to work with (if you’re not repelling one, you’re repelling the other)

• Build your brand, business, and marketing strategies in a way that feeds your energy instead of draining it

• Keep it real so you can stop trying so hard to get a sale and find more success just by being yourself

• Charge what you’re really worth

What you’ll get

• Brand strategy sessions that help you choose how to represent yourself as a trusted resource in your industry

• Learn how to create congruency across your platforms

• Clarity on who you actually want to be working with

• A plan for how you actually want to be reaching them

• An unshakeable confidence that will make you unstoppable in your journey to leaving a real difference in the world

*Note this does not include any design elements.

Get the branding answers you’ve been looking for.

Let’s schedule a time to get to know how I can help you grow your brand’s presence in a way that’s true to you—without all the self-doubt.

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