Raise Your Vibration — The F*&! Does That Mean?

When someone tells you to raise your vibration but gives zero other context…

Do you always see posts on Instagram or Pinterest that shout, “Raise your vibe! #vibetribe #spiritualbabez” but you’re like, “The f*&! does that even mean? Do any of these people actually know what they’re saying?! How does one ‘raise their vibration’?”

They just kind of say it and ghost without any explanation. So you’re left thinking, “Am I the only one that doesn’t know how to do this?”

You’re not the only one. And you’re certainly not going to “raise your vibe” just by saying “I’m raising my vibe now!”

Today I’m going to shed some light on what “raise your vibration” really means and how to do it so you actually benefit from those posts.

how to raise your vibration
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What’s a vibe?

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you’re going to understand vibes immediately. Most simply understood, a vibe is a feeling someone/something gives off.

At a deeper level, we are all energy—everything around us is energy—that has been slowed down so much that we can exist in physical form. That means there’s a whole other way the world is communicating and connecting rather than just through physical action.

What’s good to know is that our energies are all vibrating at different levels and change from moment to moment.

How to pick up on vibrations

When you’re determining the vibe of something, you can feel it as an emotion or sensation in your body. In a high vibration, you will feel physically lighter—like you’re floating, like things are easy, fun, and playful. On the other hand, you can recognize a low vibration by its feelings of heaviness, restriction, burden, effort, etc.

Knowing this information, you can tell what kind of vibe is in any room you’re in; where there’s a comfortable one, or one of tension or discord.

And all of that happens below the physical appearances. It all shows up as feelings in our bodies.

I once stood in between a boss and co-worker having a passive argument while trying to keep cool around the rest of the team. It was the first time I was able to feel all of the tense energy run like a cord from one person, through my body, and out to the other person. I had never felt anything like that before.

It was also the first time I was able to recognize that it wasn’t just my own feelings I was feeling; I had been completely fine seconds prior to that. When I felt it, I was completely separate from that energy, and once we all left, it went away (and if it was me feeling uncomfortable, the feeling would have hung around for a while.)

Think about it in terms of your own experience—it’s easy to tell when someone’s being inauthentic or trying to force something to work out when it’s just not meant to be. It’s awkward, pushy and just not fun. And you cringe because it becomes physically uncomfortable for you.

We’re all capable of sniffing out vibes from other people, but we normally discredit that sixth-sense.

raise your vibration

So, I’m giving off a vibration to other people then, too, huh?

Yes, but it’s less important to worry about what other people are picking up from our energy fields and more important for us to focus on what we’re bringing into our own personal experiences as a result of being in a certain vibration.

When we get too caught up in being accepted by society, we lower our vibration even more, so consider letting that go.

How our own vibrations affects us

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction by now. But if not, you just need to know that everything in the universe is connected, and you get what you focus on. Simple to learn, but quite difficult to master (until it isn’t!).

It’s like an underground system that no one can see, delivering to us whatever we focus our attention on. The energetic vibrations we put out tell that underground system to bring us more experiences that match them.

Everything you focus on has its own vibration, so when you concentrate on the things that make you feel bad, your emotions—your “emotional guidance system”, as Abraham Hicks calls it—lets you know you don’t want to keep thinking in that direction, otherwise you’re going to see more in your life that makes you feel bad, make you worry, see lack, etc.

But when you’re thinking thoughts that make you feel good, your emotions are going to let you know that, too, and they’re telling you to keep thinking and feeling that way because you’re going to bring more things into your physical reality that reflect that.

So if you want to live a life that is in tune, connected, prosperous, and just feels good, raise your vibration—feel that lightness—especially before taking any action.

Why you need to raise your vibration before doing anything

As I mentioned, in this universe, everything’s inclusive (this is an all-inclusive experience…how cool is that?). So focusing on wanting the bad to go away won’t make it go away, it will only bring more. That’s why it’s important to raise your vibration before doing anything, so you can shift your focus.

However, we tend to discredit this reality and often pass moments off as coincidences when good things show up, or we pass them off as bad luck or not working hard enough when things go awry.

Because everything in the universe is connected, neither of those beliefs are actually true—nothing is a coincidence. Your vibration (through thoughts and feelings) is really stringing together the physical manifestations you’re seeing in your current reality.

Hence, no coincidence is just coincidence, and no bad luck is just chance.

That means if you go into something feeling tense and under pressure, you’re going to have an experience that reflects that. So it’s best not to participate in the event, or if you’re going to, at least reala x and raise your vibration first.

raise your vibe


If you’re coming from a place of “I need this to work out!” You’re going to see more and more stressful situations blocking you from getting what you’re looking for. However, when you get into a higher, laid-back vibration, you realize you didn’t need the thing to workout at all, and that there are thousands of avenues available for you to get what you’re looking for (which is ultimately happiness and high-feeling vibrations).

In those states of high-vibes, the perfect people and resources show up seemingly out of nowhere and give you exactly what you need. But they were delivered to you through that “underground system”.

So before doing anything, check in with where your vibration stands.

See if your body—I feel it most in my chest or my back—feels heavy and worried, or if it feels expanded and light and like anything is possible.

If it’s heavy, it will serve you best to raise that energy to be closer to the light energy before proceeding with your endeavors. You’ll get SO much more out of them that way.

Think about the old lady who complains at the grocery store…is she really getting what she wants? No. She’s getting more of what she doesn’t want by choosing to focus on it and feed into it.

In my own experience, when I’ve complimented servers at restaurants because I genuinely had something nice to say to them, I’ve gotten so many free things. Now I don’t use this to my advantage, and I never expect it, but there’s quite a difference in what you get when you’re focused on “nothing’s going right!” versus “all is well and I want to share that with everyone.”

How to raise your vibration

I received a strong intuitive hit the other day during my meditation that made this concept more tangible and practical. In that meditation, I calmed my thoughts and got right into receiving mode (more on receiving mode in this post).

Because my energy was high enough, I was able to download similar thoughts that came from that same high vibration: clear thoughts, simple thoughts, well-communicated thoughts, loving thoughts, loving feelings, empowering thoughts.

This is what came through:

raise your vibration

To raise your vibration (energy), you don’t have to have a bouncing-off-the-walls kind of energy. It just means to detach from needing specific situations to make you feel better and to keep an open mind to all ways life expresses itself.

Your vibration stems from your conscious awareness, so become vastly aware of the parts of life that feel good to you, even if you only have one thing. But the most important thing is this:

Don’t think good thoughts, feel good thoughts.

The goal is to obtain this more consistently. To do that is to have “a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing,” as Wayne Dyer says.

Your next painless action steps to raise your vibration:

  1. Meditate to detach from your mind. This will allow any stressful thoughts and feelings to slow down so you can make space for better feeling thoughts. (For help, here’s my article on how to actually get something out of meditation.)
  2. Think of the most heart-warming memories, ideas, or thoughts that come to mind. Pay attention to how the energy shifts inside your body.
  3. Simmer in that feeling for as long as you can. Bring your awareness back to that feeling whenever you realize your mind has gone off somewhere else. Remember: it’s not about thinking good thoughts, it’s about feeling good thoughts.

How I can help

Understanding energy, how to raise your vibration, and how to maintain it is easy to learn, but often very difficult to master on your own. Having someone help you find your way will help you skip the self-sabotage and turbo-boost you to success. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, let’s get you on a free virtual mentoring session with me!

In the Baltimore area and need a boost to get your good vibes started? Reiki energy healing helps every time! As a Reiki healer, I channel that relaxing, I-got-your-back kind of energy to you and help you gain confidence, resilience, and peace of mind without you doing a single thing. Learn more about it here.

All good things,

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share wisdom with me and the rest of the community! How do you raise your vibe? What affects did you notice when you acted from a high vibration versus a low one? Leave a comment below!

If you know anyone who could use this post, help them out and share it with them!

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