No motivation to work? Here’s the one the one thing that will change that.

When finding motivation to work feels like a chore

I had often been the kind of person who had their head in the clouds and was constantly resisting any kind of work. If my entire being wasn’t inspired to do something, no one was going to convince me.

This is something I always got away with back in school; I usually did all my homework in homeroom because I didn’t have to work hard to get good grades. Quite frankly, I only wanted to sleep when I got home from school because the school day was such a chore.

I knew I couldn’t get away with that as an adult, but still I found myself surrendering to my stubborn spirit. I only wanted to enjoy life, and I felt that sting of burden from anything I had to put effort into…especially when I didn’t know if it was going to pay off.

So many people around me were working full-time jobs while being full-time students, and I felt like I was the only person who wouldn’t push through that pain and force myself to be a workhorse.

So how you do find motivation to work when you have none? It all comes down to energy.

no motivation to work

How energy affects your motivation to work

Take a moment to think about a time you were getting ready for something you really enjoyed, say a rock-climbing trip or a weekend camping trip with your friends. Really let the feelings of that memory sink in. Your excitement for the experience was so high that none of the work—the packing, planning, or the driving—felt like actual work. In fact, it was all effortless.

That’s because you were coming from a place of zero resistance. You were following the calling of your inner-being, and you were having fun.

Recall that excitement showing up in your body in this present moment.

Now sink back into your current shoes, where you’re not enjoying the experience in front of you, and it’s taking every last bit of your will power to not quit your job and go take a month-long nap.

How did your body shift when remembering each of those circumstances? What about your emotions, your physical feelings, your thoughts?

Tune into the physical sensations moving around in different areas of your body. All of that is energy—light energy vs heavy energy.

When you’re coming from that energetic place of non-resistance, everything becomes easier. You get into the universal receptive mode, and that’s when ideas come to you, inspiration comes to you, and flow becomes your best friend.

In that space, nothing’s an issue. Work and motivation go hand and hand.

work when not motivated

“Work” spills into home-life

When you’re not in that open vibration, you’re literally cutting yourself off from the ease and joy that can be experienced in doing any task—even cleaning toilets or writing a 15-page report on accounting.

The truth is, when work feels like a chore, so does the rest of your life. You come home and just want to recoup, so you watch TV and ignore the dishes, your dog, and your laundry.

Before you know it, everything feels overwhelming and you just want to escape it all. However, the same thing is true in the opposite direction: when work feels inspired and inspiring, the rest of your life does, too. Cleaning up becomes an enhancement, you look forward to playing with your dog, and your energy is boosted by everything you do because it’s actually enjoyable.

Energy comes first, everything else comes second.

It’s not our outside circumstances that need to change for us to be fulfilled, it’s shifting our energy that makes our outside circumstances transform into cooperative, enjoyable experiences. That means that project you’re not motivated to do can become both cooperative and enjoyable.

Dr. Sue Morter also speaks about this in The Energy Codes when she writes, “We have to let our energy lead and the mind follow.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, “toughen up, buttercup,” because I think there are a lot of missed opportunities in that mindset.

I’m saying the same thing that Wayne Dyer has always said:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Those difficult people you’re working on a project with? They move to a new project, or they become inspired to be more engaged and cooperative. That deadline you’ve been stressing over? Someone pushes it back. That paper you don’t want to write? It writes itself, and you’re just the scribe.

It’s possible, because I’ve cultivated this kind of life for myself.

So how do you do it for you?

How to shift from no motivation to work to off-the-walls inspired

how to find motivation to work

The next time you find yourself with no motivation to work, whether out of fear, pressure, or sheer resistance, ask yourself this: how can I make this more fun?

I once worked as a project facilitator at a tech company. Every 10 weeks we’d have an innovation week, and the programmers would be expected to give a presentation about their innovation.

The innovations were amazing, but speaking about them in front of 50+ people were the programmers’ biggest fears, so the presentations dragged on. What was supposed to be the best week ever the most dreaded week ever for everyone.

As mediators, my team wrestled with how to make this work as a win-win situation for both management and the developers. Every idea we had was denied, until I asked myself this question: what made these kinds of things so fun when I was a kid?

Good things come to those who play

Immediately my mind flooded with memories of science fairs and the excitement of both creating and sharing my work. What came out of that thought was the “Innovation Fair”; programmers could share their work with small groups of stakeholders as they visited their individual booths. The pressure of speaking to a large audience dissipated, and those who cared most about the projects were able to have invaluable conversations that would have originally been missed.

And when it launched, all parties agreed that the Innovation Fair itself was the best innovation that increment. Win-win-win.

When we turn things into a playful energy, we let our inner-child take the wheel. And no, not the “broken” one that still holds onto embarrassing memories that keeps you un-motivated and stuck. But the one that is true to you and your most genuine nature.

Because we are all creators, naturally. It just seems hard because our minds cover it up.

Your next painless action step to find motivation in any work

When you don’t have any motivation, don’t try to give yourself a pep-talk to finish your work, no matter what the project is. You should never “work harder” or “just push through it”. That will backfire and drain so much of your energy.

If you want your work to feed into your energy instead, do this:

  1. Go take 15 minutes to play. Stop everything right now. Go do something that gets you so involved that your mind has no room to criticize, worry, or even think about your project. Find what works for you. Hacky sack is my personal favorite, but think out of the box like DDR or slackline. Find whatever really gets your energy into the same energy you felt when you remembered your trip with your friends.

    Permission for recess granted 😉
  2. Come back and ask yourself, “How can I make this fun?”. Be open to what follows, even if it seems like something the rest of the world would judge. It’s about the work, not the ego, so get that out of here!
  3. Remember: energy first, everything else second.
no motivation to work

How I can help

Did you know that you can shift the entire vibration of a room just by being in it? Quantum physics proves this over and over again.

Sometimes we can’t figure out how to shift our energy on our own to take the pressure off ourselves. But just being around people who are already in that vibration will do that for you. Seriously—I was at a networking group with a bunch of other healers the other night; I left feeling like I was floating in a bubble. So many ideas came to me and so much of my life fell into place without me lifting a single finger the next day!

That’s exactly what Reiki energy healing does for you. As a Reiki healer, I channel that relaxing, I-got-your-back kind of energy to you and help you gain confidence, resilience, and peace of mind without doing a single thing.

Wanna hear the kind of things people experience with me? Let’s chat. Head over to my contact page to start the conversation and learn more!

All good things,

P.S. Now it’s your turn to share some wisdom! What projects do you find the most de-motivating? How have you shifted your energy from stagnant to off-the-walls inspired to complete them? Leave a comment below, and if you know someone who could use this, share it!

reiki near baltimore, york, towson, and timonium

Lauren is a Reiki energy healer near Baltimore, York, Timonium, and Towson areas. If you’re looking for Reiki near Baltimore or Reiki near York, PA, give her a chat! Her mobile Reiki business means you don’t have to waste time driving to get to your appointment. Instead she comes to you, and you and your home both get the benefits of this powerful energy healing treatment at a time and place that’s convenient for you! Interested in setting up a Reiki treatment? Contact Lauren here.

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